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How the Recycle and Fundraising work?

1. Register

Register on our website to start fundraising today and we will send you a "Starter Kit" free of charge, including:

  • Pre-paid return shipping labels
  • 2 medium - sized "pizza style" collection boxes for inkjet return
  • Complete packing and return instructions
  • "Get Started" recycle kit

2. Start Collecting

Let businesses in your community know that you would like to collect their empty cartridges!
Distribute the free hand-outs and posters to help educate them about your fundraiser.
It's that easy.

You will be amazed how many cartridges are out there waiting to be recycled.

3. Start Shipping

Shipping is always free. Once you fill one of the "pizza style" boxes with at least 20 acceptable
cartridges, use our pre-paid label to send them back to us. You can order more boxes or labels by calling,
faxing, or e-mailing our customer service staff, we will get your supplies out right away.

4. "Show Me the Money"

We will pay you for all acceptable, undamaged cartridges on our price list. You will receive a detailed check for the value of your empties.

CA$H for TRA$H!

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