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All new and first in the industry to offer!
"Hands-Free Fundraising"
Sounds too good? Here are the facts;

  1. Your organization would contact their "The Green Earth Recycle" customer service representative, and let them know about a company or business that wants to give/ donate their empty cartridges to them, but aren't sure how to coordinate it.

  2. "The Green Earth Recycle" representative would then contact that business on your behalf, and set up the best way of returning their empties;
    • Local Pick Up (GER driver)
    • Mail Back (Supply labels to them directly)
    • Commercial Pick Up by tractor trailer (for large pallets of empties)

  3. We then send your organization a check for the value of the empties we received from them. That company or business is donating the value of their empties to you!
    All we ask is if you can send a "Thank You" note!
    You have just raised money "Hands-Free", you just get a check in the mail!


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