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Turn e-Waste into Profits:

Most of the world is just now becoming aware of the environmental and economic benefits of recycling e-waste.

Like aluminum cans, glass and plastic, empty inkjet and laser cartridges have value too, only much more.
The "Bookstore Buck" program was designed to collect thousands of laser and inkjet cartridges on college campuses that are typically thrown in the garbage.

The "Bookstore Buck" program encourages college students to "cash" in their empty cartridges at their local bookstore. For every cartridge turned in at the bookstore, you receive "Book Store Buck".
Most college students are on budget; therefore we created a program to help them with their finances as well as helping the environment......"Bookstore Bucks".

Just bring in your acceptable original cartridge and you will receive a $1.00 credit voucher (Bookstore Buck) to be used as credit toward any purchase in participating campus bookstores.

Be Green & Earn Green ! It's that easy.

Campus Collection Program Dynamics

  1. Each Bookstore will be supplied with an acceptable cartridge list that has value.
  2. Each Bookstore will be given a collection receptacle to place and store cartridges.
  3. Each Bookstore will be given a set amount of funds up front to reimburse students with "Bookstore Bucks",
    for each acceptable cartridge returned.
  4. "Bookstore Bucks" will be printed and supplied to each college bookstore.
    Each "Bookstore Buck" will have a $1.00 value to be redeemed on any items purchased in that particular store.
    "Bookstore Buck" will be designed specifically for that store (school logo etc...).
    These redemption dollars will have expiration dates, and will only given in exchange for the cartridges on the acceptable list. Any restriction that applies to these purchases can be set by the store.
  5. All collection bins will be picked up by our program coordinators monthly, or when the bin becomes full, whichever comes first. Any funds owed to the bookstore, money paid out over the up front allotment for acceptable cartridges, will be paid upon pick up.
  6. Any and all advertising for this collection program will be paid for by the "Bookstore Buck" program.
  7. Any and all restriction for this program can be set by the bookstore. (i.e. how many cartridges may be redeemed by any one student in one transaction?)

Program Synopsis

Supplies consumption Generates e-Waste

The digital revolution and technology boom of the past decade has created a 155 billion dollar global printer global printer and consumable supplies market. From large student papers and reports, to full color processing, students and businesses are printing and consuming ink and laser supplied at a record pace.

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This year alone over 1.3 million inkjet and laser cartridges will be consumed. The amount from student bodies on college & universities campuses is astounding! Approximately 75% of these consumed will end up being thrown in the trash when empty. That's almost 1 billion empty cartridges consuming landfill space about the size of a small city.

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